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The Coastal Pavilion: Why It's The Perfect Spot For Your Next Dinner On The Boardwalk (And So Much More)

The Fun And Magic Of Your Next Boardwalk Experience

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If you know anything about me by now, you probably know that I love the magic that happens when food, drinks, and community come together.  It’s not simply our amazing staff’s service, our decadent food, or the buzz of the boardwalk and roar of the ocean. It’s the space where we come together as a community and the truth is that when we do that we each experience that energy in different ways. There’s something indescribably awesome about that interplay and it’s something I’m truly passionate about creating.

Have a Day (Or Night) That Fits You Just Right

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While I love the combination of food and community that happens in our coastal pavilion (the place  that Pop’s Garage, Asbury Park Yacht Club, and Langosta Lounge call home), I think there’s an important point that’s often overlooked when it comes to describing this experience: The fact that it’s not one-experience-fits-all. That’s perhaps my favorite thing about our pavilion: Your experience is uniquely your own.

This create-your-own approach to the dining experience is available at the pavilion each time we open our doors.

Want a quiet dinner by the sea? Come on an off night and you may even have the place nearly to yourself.

Stoked to hear live music from the best local artists? Head on over for an evening when we have entertainment.

Looking to hit brunch before the beach? We’ve got you.

Ready to host that engagement party or fiftieth birthday? We’d love to host you here!

There is not one singular right way to visit the pavilion. The menus and drink lists are seasonal, the salad follows suit, and the welcome you’ll receive from our staff is always warm (Whether it’s the dead of winter or the sweaty end of July).

We love that not everyone who visits the pavilion is visiting for the same reason. We welcome your “drinks with the guys night” with the same joy we offer our family of twelve dinner guests and we’re passionate about bringing you an experience you’ll remember regardless of why you’ve joined us at that moment.

It’s Always The Perfect Time To Visit

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The experience you’ll have here is one that combines relaxed and eclectic visuals and decor with the sounds of local artists, and the taste of world-class vacation-inspired food. It all connects to create this sort of experiential umami, a balance of each of life’s flavors. Admittedly we’re awe-inspired every time it happens. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

The pavilion concept brings that undeniable Asbury energy, couples it with a customized dining experience, and serves memories with every meal.

We hope you’ll come and join us tonight!